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Video // Podcast // Social & Digital

Captured World has worked with SME communication skills agency, BodyTalk, for the past 3 years, providing on-demand content strategy and production services to support the brand's growing digital services.

Using the latest online recording software and AV equipment, Bodytalk's in-house team are able to record high-quality videos independently around their day-to-day business. Our team built a complete brand identity for digital video content, and continue to provide on-demand editing to turn in-house recordings into finished branded videos for online and social media marketing.

Through this collaboration between agency and in-house staff, our team provide a content solution which reduces cost and provides the flexibility to make recording content convenient. As a fixed-fee structure, BodyTalk always has total control of their budget spend, and were initially able to take start their content marketing with small, gradual steps over several months.


BodyTalk has grown its digital content over the last 18 months. From a single short marketing promo, Captured World now produces 2 ongoing video podcast series, social media content, filming for events and workshops, and on-going audiovisual consultancy for improving office recording and online presentation.

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