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James Fisher & Sons


Video // Livestream

Captured World is working with James Fisher & Sons as part of an ongoing process to expand the way the company communicates internal and external information using broadcast content.

Our team has worked closely with in-house marketing staff to produce a series of new branded content for external audiences, focused on communicating the companies vision and purpose for the future. Our team provided an end-to-end production service, collaborating with internal staff to develop the company's broadcast messages and storytelling. This has included sourcing and organising existing video assets to maximise cost-efficiency and prevent filming duplication, as well as filming new content to fill any clear gaps across the company.

We provide a convenient, on-demand broadcast solution for corporate leadership to record and communicate information in day-to-day business. This includes office 'teleprompter' filming, brand video production, greenscreen filming and virtual events management. Our team is providing ongoing consultancy for an office-based recording set-up, to give an easy way for the executive team to record high-quality video messages in their own time.

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