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Kill Phil Podcast Series


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Featured |                              Pick of the Day February 2022
"Informative and funny."
"Important. Powerful. Honest."

Captured World teamed with up communications agency, Jack & Grace​to produce a pioneering 12-part podcast series, Kill Phil. The series was produced as part of Captured World's Pro Bono commitment.


Kill Phil follows the journey of Phil Newby, who at 43 was diagnosed with an incurable, degenerative disease, Motor Neurone Disease (MND). The series unpacks some of the key debates around assisted dying with experts and special guests, including former Liberal Democrat leader, Sir Vince Cable.

Captured World recorded the series over nearly 2 years, using the latest audio recording technology and microphones to follow Phil's evolving thoughts and experiences. The series was recorded almost entirely remotely, partly during the COVID pandemic. Additional recording was completed in Captured World's in-house radio studio, London Broadcast.

Working closely with Phil, our team developed the initial podcast concept, taking the early-stage idea and building a comprehensive podcast identity. The series is unique in having 2 separate narratives for the audience to follow, one featuring conversations with experts and guests, and the other is 'Phil's Diary', where the audience follows Phil's personal journey living with the progression of MND in intimate and raw detail, including moments such as receiving his first shower from a carer,  and coming to terms with using a ventilator.

Captured World oversaw all series recording and editing, led by Creative Director, Rob Double.

To give the client full control over the series, our team supported Jack & Grace in distributing the podcast in-house, and provided on-demand consultancy on series marketing and broadcast PR. 

Kill Phil received national media coverage. It features in The Times podcast 'Pick of the Day', as well as an exclusive feature in The Daily Express newspaper from the paper's Health Editor, Hanna Geissler, with an attached comment from Sir Vince Cable.

Kill Phil Podcast Series
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