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Kill Phil Podcast achieves national coverage in The Times 'Pick of the Day'

Captured World's podcast series, Kill Phil, receives national coverage in The Times 'Pick of the Day'.

Kill Phil, a mini-podcast series created by Captured World, has received national media coverage including a spot on The Times pick of the day.

The podcast has also featured in coverage in The Daily Express newspaper from the paper's Health Editor, Hanna Geissler. Sir Vince Cable also contributed to the publication.

Kill Phil features Phil Newby, and is an on-going podcast series which looks at the issue of assisted dying and terminal illness. Previous guests has included Sir Vince Cable, former MP and leader of the Liberal Democrats.

'Cutting new ground'

Kill Phil is a new podcast series that opens a fresh conversation about assisted dying, exploring views in the middle ground rather than at the margins where people are busy flinging outrage.

Aged 43, Phil Newby was diagnosed with motor neurone disease. Staring down the barrel of an undignified and drawn-out death, Phil wants the right to decide when his life is no longer bearable and end it with dignity.

The series follows Phil’s journey living with an incurable and life-ending illness and unpacks some of the key debates around assisted dying – with some help from experts and campaigners.

2 years of podcast recording

The series was recorded at London Broadcast using both the in-house radio studio, and the latest remote recording technology during the COVID-19 pandemic. The final podcast was edited by Captured World's in-house team.

Lead Producer and Founder of Captured World, Rob Double, said “Kill Phil cuts new ground. Questions that have never been asked before, and answers that have never been heard. It’s a raw exploration of assisted dying, moving the conversation forwards with powerful voices on either side of the debate.

Kill Phil is a collaboration between broadcast communications agency, Captured World, and purpose-led communications agency, Jack & Grace.

Kill Phil is available via Spotify, Apple, Google, Acast, Amazon Podcasts or Stitcher. You can also follow the Kill Phil podcast on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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