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Captured World was commissioned by Prison Radio Association to record and edit its first ever external podcast series, called 'Life After Prison'. The initial podcast was split into two series, The Sit Down and Getting Out.

Life After Prison is a podcast for anyone who has spent time in prison or is close to anyone who has. Featuring a wide range of stories and advice, including former inmates within UK prisons and professionals who work on the frontline of rehabilitation and care.

The series was create in close collaboration with the team of producers at Prison Radio Association. As a series that is broadcast digitally as a podcast and on radio through National Prison Radio, the content is regulated by Ofcom.

Captured World designed a completely new video podcast set for Life After Prison, working closely to the brand guidelines of the podcast series. A relaxed sofa set with a colour wash of LED lighting was designed and installed at Captured World's in-house studios, London Broadcast.

The podcast was filmed in 4K throughout, with full colour grading in the edit to ensure the highest quality look and feel for the video podcast.

The editing of Life After Prison is handled by Captured World, in close remote working with the Prison Radio Association.  Captured World delivers the complete video and audio files to Prison Radio for distribution across their network.

Life After Prison was awarded extensive national media coverage across radio, print and television. This included a dedicated report and interview on BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat. A television interview on BBC London was secured with a national online BBC News article. The Guardian newspaper published a double page spread on the podcast series, as well as an online article. On public podcast channels, Life After Prison has received over 29 five star reviews.

Series of Life After Prison - The Sit Down will be available in early 2023.

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