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Doing Good In Broadcast
We are an agency with pro bono built into our DNA.

As part of our mission to put broadcast at the heart of every message, every story, every brand, we are proud to dedicate time to pro-bono activities that makes broadcast more accessible, and gets more voices heard.

Our pro bono work is about providing real, tangible opportunities for organisations and individuals to get involved in broadcast media.

We give free studio time every week to early-stage audio creatives.

Every week, we share a link of our available studio time to members of the UKAN (UK Audio Network) so they can use the time for free to record their showreel or get experience of recording from a professional radio studio.

We offer pro bono media training sessions to organisations who need a voice.

Every month, we provide pro-bono media training sessions to charities and non-for-profit organisations that that are making a difference.

In recent months, we have be focusing on supporting organisations that are leading the conversation around the cost of living and energy costs, including Turn2Us and The Smallwood Trust.

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William Perkin C of E High School
We offer visits to our broadcast studios to school and educators.

We have hosted school visits for free at our broadcast studios in London, giving pupils real life experience of working in radio, television and podcast.

Guided by our production team, pupils have a chance to present in our professional studios, and get hands on experience with cameras and other broadcast equipment.

We recently hosted William Perkin C of E High School for a school visit.

If you know an organisation that would like our support, please contact us.
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