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We provide ultra-realistic media training and broadcast interview preparation from our private London studios, in clients offices and online. 

We are London's premium media training studios. With a team of experienced journalists and communications experts from across Government and business, we specialise in providing ultra-realistic media training and broadcast exercises for spokespeople and communicators, combining high-end production with hard news experience.


We work with leading corporate brands, Government organisations and charities, both online, at our studios 

"This is genuinely the best media training I've ever done. It's been so good."

Nyree Ambarchian, Co-Founder, Jack & Grace

New to media training? Try our 2 hour quick hit training online or at our London studios.
What type of sessions do we provide?

We believe the best learning is through gaining experience in a realistic environment. All our training is focused on practical exercises, using our in-house production expertise to create highly-immersive broadcast simulations in our studio, on location or online.

All of our sessions can happen at our studios, online or at client offices. We work both in the UK and internationally.

(Level 1)
(Level 2)
Quick-Hit Training

Best suited for taster sessions, low-budget training and emergency prep sessions.


Best for full day or half day training across media training, broadcast training, production training and crisis resilience.

The immersive training sessions for teams to gain essential media skills and experience. 

This is the best fit for 1-1 development executive leadership, or small in-house marketing or communications teams.

Maximum Participants: 8.

Duration: Half Day or Full Day.

Our cost-effective and reactive training designed for short, intensive learning or prep sessions.


Quick hit training is best used as 'test' or preparation sessions for businesses, or to brush-up existing skills. Training can happen in our studio or virtually via video call.

Maximum Participants: 3.

Duration: 2 hours.


Best for ongoing training for spokespeople and high-profile members of organisations.

Long-term training courses for spokespeople to develop expert broadcast capabilities across all media formats.


Mastercourses are 3-9 month in-depth training courses designed bespoke for each participant.. Best suited for 1-1 executive leadership, or small in-house teams.

Maximum Participants: 4.

Duration: 3-9 months.

(Level 3)
Find out more about our full media and presentation training.
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