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London TV & Radio studios launched by Captured World

London Broadcast is a state-of-the-art TV, Radio and podcast studio designed as a hub for modern communications and marketing teams.

Communications agency, Captured World, has launched a state-of-the-art television, podcast and live streaming studio designed for modern communications and marketing.

London Broadcast, based in Marylebone, W1, features a multi camera 4K television studio, podcast and video podcast studio, and digitally-enabled conference room for hybrid playback. The studios has already been used by Captured World clients, including for radio broadcasts, podcast recording, greenscreen filming and media training.

Hub for modern communications

London Broadcast is designed to be a creative hub for brands and agencies to develop, practice and produce standout content.

With everything under one roof, it's a hub for professionals to train, produce and perfect their content.

Created within over 1,200 square feet of open plan floorspace, the studios include a sofa breakout area, control room gallery seating and a private outdoor patio.

Speaking on the opening of London Broadcast, Captured World Founder, Rob Double, said “London Broadcast is about making it as easy and accessible as possible for companies the create outstanding content. With everything under one roof, teams can train, produce and perfect their content - whether that be for day-to-day communications or standout marketing campaigns".

Increasing accessibility to broadcast

Beyond its work as a broadcast hub for central London, London Broadcast studios is also an important tool for Captured World's pro bono commitment.

The agency has committed to put 25% of all studio time towards pro bono or charitable initiatives.

25% of all London Broadcast studio time is dedicated to pro bono or charitable initiatives.

Since its soft opening in early 2022, London Broadcast has already started an initiative to make spare studio time available free to early-stage professionals and aspiring students in the audio industry. This scheme is currently available through the UK Audio Network (UKAN).

Expanding Captured World's work

As well as being a venue for hire by production companies and brands, London Broadcast represents the expansion of Captured World agency, as it grows its presence in broadcast communications and production.

Most recently, the agency received national coverage through its pioneering podcast series, Kill Phil, receiving Pick of the Day in The Times newspaper. The mini-series, over 2 years in the making, followed the journey of, Phil Newby, who at 43 was diagnosed with terminal illness, motor neurone disease.

The podcast has also been picked in the The Express newspaper alongside a comment from Sir Vince Cable, one of the podcast's expert guests.

Captured World's latest podcast series, Life After Prison, is a collaboration with National Prison Radio, and has featured across the Observer newspaper magazine. It. is part of an on-going multi-series deal with National Prison Radio.

More information about London Broadcast can be found by visiting the studio website or by following this link to the online booking platform.


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